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Un rap dans 6 langues différentes !


Après avoir rappé avec 11 accents différents en 2012, Rice Boy Liu, nous propose aujourd'hui sa dernière création qu'il va interprèter dans 6 langues différentes : L'Anglais, Le Chinois, l'Espagnol, Le Coréen, l'Allemand et enfin le Russe. Il faut bien avouer que le résultat est vraiment sympa et très original, même si on n'est pas fan de rap.

Et voila aussi les paroles complètes en Anglais du titre  :

Rap song in different languages, I'm chilling in Los Angeles
Haters avoid my team cuz they know they couldn't hang with us
When I rap, I'm not restricted by language
My lyrics are interesting, kind of like papercuts (Chinese art form)
All of my enemies are sad
Because I'm taking over like the Fascists
I speak languages from Asia and Europe
When my girlfriends call me: " (me) Hello," "(them) Oppa"
I'm Chinese because my parents are Chinese
But we live in the United States, I'm American
And I'm back again with a fresh rap
If you think this is shit, I don't give a crap
In Guizhou, I drank Moutai liquor with Communist Party officials
It was really cool, damn, you don't even know
When I see beautiful women, I say, "Hello"
They don't tell me, "No," they say, "Okay"
I don't give any excuse because I don't have any
If you're a stupid cunt, I'ma let you know
Yo man, I've been around the globe, China to Mexico
But if I stay too long, then I gotta go
Fuck, writing this song is a little difficult
Finding a word that rhymes with "schwierig" is also difficult
At least it is for me cuz I'm not from Germany
I live in California, eating bulgogi
I mix languages together like a recipe
Give up hater, you ain't gonna get the best of me
I'm friendly, you got no reason for hating me
If you doubt me, motherfucker, you can wait and see
I'm rising up to the top, like a tree
If you can understand my lyrics, they will blow your mind
Now it's time for me to say, "Goodbye," alright?
Bye, goodbye, goodbye, bye, goodnight

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